Synopsis Edit

Russia says a bad word and Venezuela keeps on repeating it!

Warnings Edit

Country Bunch Language Warning! High use of the word faggot!

What happened? Edit

Russia, Lybia, Germany, Venezuela and Serbia go to Tesco’s to buy a few things. But they ask Venezuela if she can stay behind, then she starts asking retarded questions, so she has to come with them. On the way, a homeless guy jumps out in front of their car. Russia said, “Get outta the road ya faggot!” The homeless guy leaves straight afterwards. Venezuela then repeats it a few times. In the shop, Nigeria walks by. Venezuela doesn’t like her, so she yells “Go away faggot!” Now, Nigeria thought Germany had said it by mistake, but still tried to beat her up. Germany won over her. She was mad at Venezuela. Later, Egypt walked into the house. Egypt asked Germany what was wrong. Germany told Egypt what happened, then Venezuela said faggot. Again. Egypt told Russia he couldnt say those things in front of Venezuela. Then, when Venezuela repeated it TWICE, Germany spanked her on the butt. Egypt said she didn’t have to be that hard on her. Later, a police officer arrested Germany for nation abuse. Four months later, Germany comes out after Serbia bribed the officers To free her. Luckily, that was her only crime, which was later cleared in Italy‘s Turtle Problem.

Trivia Edit

This is the only episode intended for adult audiences.

This is the only time Germany ever commits a crime.

The homeless nation was Sudan.

This episode reveals Venezuela is 10 years old.

This is the only time Germany had no good reason to beat a nation.

This is the only episode where Prussia is not seen.