Serbia is a young male nation, the same age as Germany.

Serbia’s RelationshipsEdit

Allies: Germany, Peru, Russia, North Korea (formerly), South Korea, Prussia

Enemies: North Korea (currently), Venezuela, Andorra, Romania, Lybia

Romances: Germany (girlfriend), Prussia (formerly, now just allies), North Korea (formerly)


Serbia‘s Dog Problem

Prussia’s Flu Shot!

Lybia‘s Ex Boyfriend!

Germany’s Romance Problem!

Russia‘s Rubles



Germany is missing! (Main protagonist in the fight to save her)

Italy‘s Turtle Problem!

Prussia’s Depression

Sealand’s bedtime!

Venezuela‘s bad word! (Bonus Episode for adult fans, though kids who don’t imitate can watch it too)

The Beilschmidt Sisters Get Help!

Germany’s Brothers!

Trapped! (Bonus episode, Trapped on Floor 4)