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The Country Bunch? What’s that, you may be asking. It’s my Nation Series! I turn Nations into girls (and very rarely, boys.) to make fun stories! Many circulate around the relationships, alliances, and just random stuff for Germanies and Russia’s (poops and giggles). I’m planning this to be a great Wiki one day!

Some of the countries are Germany, Serbia, Russia, Turkey, Sealand, Prussia, America, Canada,

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  • new page Venezuela’s Bad Word!
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    New page: Contents[show] Synopsis Edit Russia says a bad word and Venezuela keeps on repeating it! Warnings Edit Country Bunch Language Warning! High use of...
  • new page Trapped!
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    New page: Contents[show] Trapped! Edit What is this episode about? Edit Six nations (Serbia, Germany, Prussia, Russia, Lybia, South Korea) are sent to a...
    Summary: The episode is a bonus, ya?
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    Summary: Serbia’s Allies:
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    New page: Add Video Add Image Serbia is a young male nation, the same age as Germany. Serbia’s AlliesEdit Write the first section of your page here. ...
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    Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have Anneka Scott Wiki as part of the FANDOM communit... 



    It was meant to be The Country Bunch Wiki! Can you please fix the title?! 

  • new page Germany
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    New page: Germany is a fairly young nation. She is about 12 years old. She acts like a soldier a lot and does some stupid stuff. Germany’s Allies Prussia...
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    New page: Russia is the oldest nation, reaching about 40 years of age. He mainly looks after young nations. Romania recently got into a fight with him, nearly...
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    Summary: Welcome to the Country Bunch Wiki:
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